Monday, July 28, 2008

Send me some vibes please....

I need some good vibes because this week we have been to the emergency room twice.
First I was going to go to same day appointment because I have been having horrible pains on my right side. Same day appointment tells me they dont have any physicians available and that I have to go to the ER. After telling the lady that yes I am pregnant I am in pain and not bleeding and same day appointment sent me there (she called to check up. Yo lady do you really think i want to sit in your stupid emergency room for hrs on end so you can send me home with some farking Tylenol?? urghgh.
So they do a couple u/s and tells me they think its my gallbladder. So we have to keep an eye on that through out this pregnancy. Just great. Took them a good 4 or 5 hrs for them to give me u/s and diagnose me. Try sitting in the er with a cranky toddler. At one point I really thought dh was just going to duct tape him

Then again on sunday. We were planning on going to the pool. Ds had just eaten and we were outside for a bit picking up his toys. We were going to lay him down for his nap and then go to the pool because hell yesterday reached 105.
Well we are outside picking up his toys and out of nowhere ds comes to us limping and pointing at his foot. We look at it and his ankle is 3 times the size of his left one. Its very hard and there is 2 bite marks.Back to the er we go.
Thank God that was fast. They took us back right away. The lady at the front desk was sure it was a snake bite. I guess her freaking out helped a lot. About 5 or 6 docs come back to see ds and figure out its not a snake bite but a spide bite. Not a venonous one but a spider bite. It was pretty bad because the time were there his leg all the way up to his knee was red.
So they gave us Benadryl for him (a really high dose for 2 days) and to keep an eye on it.

So we got home around 2 and both him and dh fell asleep.
I swear little boys keeps you on your toes..
So that was my interesting weekend. I will post pictures later. I have so many pictures I need to upload.
Also later today I have my appointment and we will hear the hearbeat and etc so I will also update that later.

So send me those vibes please because I know crap comes in 3 and I cant imagine what the third will be. :(

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luckyduck said...

Yikes! I hope your weekend gets better!! *Good vibes*