Sunday, January 3, 2010

#3/365....My fridge

After watching hours of crib marathon (why do people love this show? Is it still our obssession with finding out everything we can about celebrities or is it our insane need to feel jealous?), I will never understand but I cant judge, since I watch it too. I will admit, the reason I watch is because I love seeing peoples house. I get giddy and excited when someone posts a picture of their house. I really enjoy seeing how people arrange their space, how they decorate and whatnot. It shows so much about a person, its unbeliveable.
So, since I am extremelly perceptive, even though I am not a celebrity, I am sure you are dying to see the inside of my fridge. Hey you know that is classic of every single cribs episode.

Now bear in mind, I only grocery shop once a month (yes we get paid once a month, yes its possible in the military). I do this because it saves us money, I have to menu plan and it prevents me from mindless shopping, which is very dangerous for the pocketbook. So grocery shopping once a month, and once a week we buy anything we might need. Like milk or bread, or anything else. I cut our grocery bill in half and pretend on cutting some more.

So here is my fridge. Dont mind the mess. I didnt have a chance to clean before we went on vacation or before we grocery shopped.

Enjoy :)


I think I need a bigger freezer.


ashley said...

You want me to come up and help you organize? ;) ;) <3

mommadisco said...

Alton Brown used to have a thing on his website where people could send in pictures of what was in their fridges.. Too bad there's obnoxious freaks out there so they discontinued it. Was fun to look at what kinda crap people had in theirs :)