Tuesday, January 5, 2010

#5....All dressed up with nowhere to go...

Interesting facts about my toes and feet :)

*Majority of the time I get a pedicure only. I can count on my right hand (or left feet ;) ) the number of times I got a manicure.

*I wear flip flops 99% of the time

*I have 2 extremelly flat feet.

*I think most toes are adorable

* I can tickle myself. Everytime I have an itch on the bottom of my feet and I scratch, I giggle.

*I only painted them red or purple for a long time. It wasnt until last year when I started to branch out. Yellow looks horrible on me. This orange I am not so sure about yet.

Love A


Elisha said...

I think your more of a bright pink :)

Ashley said...

It does NOT count, taking a picture of your FEET!
I love pedicures and I wear my flippity floppities in the dead of winter!

I started blogging again so check it out if you want :)


Anonymous said...

I think a pic of your feet DOES count ;) And I like the orange!