Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 pictures...

I absolutely despise pictures of myself (You dont believe me?? Just ask my 3 yr old who lost his camera 2 days in a row because he didnt follow the golden rule aka : Dont take pictures of mommy unless she is ready and have given instructions on what kind of picture to take) but I need to get over this, so therefore I am joining everyone else and taking one picture a day of myself.
I dont want to create another blog, so I am doing it on this one :)

Wish me luck I stick to this.

Love A

*DISCLAIMER: I really want to stick with this, so therefore I will modify to make sure it fits my needs. some days I look like ass, and therefore I dont have the guts to do it. Yeahh I know girl power. Well my girl power is weak. I care who will see me everyday, if not I would walk around with a cigar, a really short skirt, a bottle of Jack, to the FRG meeting. Yeahh no one wants to see that, just like you wont want to see me when I am feeling so hot. SO I promise if I dont post a picture of myself, I will post of something interesting. Keep in mind interesting things is all up for discussion :)

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