Thursday, February 4, 2010

14, 15, 16, 17 & 18

When leaving the military and settling back in your old hometown at your parents house no less, with 2 kids and a husband more than when you left, a few things are bound to happen..

1. Blogging gets procrastinated (refer to title)
2. Everyone chips in when moving
3. Accidents happens but when you realize it could be a loss of life instead of just some metal, you dont worry so much
4. and somewhere in there a special little girl gets to turn 1 in the midst of all this mess..

So we are starting this new journey with a few bumps already. Pretty soon before the end of the month actually dh is leaving us to start his new job and our donut of misery begins. I will go back to being single mom-with a nice paycheck, we will buy a house, kids will be going to preschool and I will be finishing my degree. This year is shapping up to be a busy one full of excitment and that is great so it will keep me from missing my better half too much. Until then, I want to soak him up and all the help he offers and sleep in until late like he is letting me do. If that means my resolution to blog a picture a day gets postponed, so be it ;) Besides I promise I will make it up. Heck with all this that is going to be happening in our lives, I will need pictures to keep track of it all, because as you all know, I am turning 29 this year, and that comes with memory loss...

Ohh joy :)

Love A

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