Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love and movies love and movies...

go together like a ?? Never mind it was stupid.

Anyways Valentines day, the hubby and I decided to go to a nice dinner and to the movies. We havent done that in too long. No unfortunatly we are not those couples who finds time everymonth to do something together. With 2 kids and lack of funds sometimes, I am amazed at people that are able to go on date nights every month. We are lucky if we get one every 6 months, so therefore we jumped at the opportunity to go. We were supossed to go the day before, but add a indigestive mil and some drama, some words exchanged...whatever. So not worth talking about this drama. Anyways back to the point, we went to the movies. We picked "When in Rome". Every so often comes a movie that I just have to see and cant wait to rent it. The last one was PS I love you, because its my favorite book, and this time it was When in Rome. From the first commercial I fell in love with it. Whats not to like?? ON top of Josh Duhmell as the main actor. Uhh hello!! need anymore reasons?? I didnt think so.

So anyways we go to dinner and head to the movies. I almost fainted. $9.50 for each movie ticket?? Are you shitting me?? I remember when it was around $6 bucks and that wasnt too long ago. On top of it 1 popcorn and 2 sodas was like 18 bucks. Since when did going to the movies got so expensive?? I guess only going once in a while made me not realize it.

Insane I tell you. But anyways it was a very nice date and afterwards we drove to the beach to walk around the place where we got married. Soo sweet I know I know.

So all in all it was a wonderful valentines and I cant wait for our next date (sans movie because I doubt I will want to go anytime soon and pay that much money)

I do have to say the movie rocked and it was trully worth it, not the 9.50 because Josh wasnt naked, but a very cute adorable movie that just leaves you feeling good :)

Love A

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Mrs Sea Monster said...

I saw that movie myself earlier this week with a friend. It was funny and cute. I had to pay $9.25 with a military discount. A medium drink was $5! Yeah, it was a good reminder as to why it's been many, many months since I last saw an evening movie.