Thursday, February 18, 2010

I adore Costco...

I love buying in bulk and now that I am back home, my parents are members for Costco, Sams and bj. Because of their bussiness, they need to buy stuff cheaper and in bulk and they got some sort of deal for their membership. Costco is really my favorite and since they dont even check the picture on the card, I dont have to wait for mommy. I can just go and use her card ;)
Everytime I go there I get happy. I have a pillow that I bought from them 2 years ago that is still my favorite pillow.They have people all over the place offering you taste on everything from pasta, to truffles. What is not to like?? but this is my favorite thing from there :

Its called Rugala. It comes with 2 flavors raspberry and chocolate, and eating the whole box is very easy =O so I have to be careful.
If you have a costco membership definetely try it out. To die for and I bet you can find thousands of delicious stuff in huge quantities to satisfy your fancy


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