Friday, March 26, 2010


They say the best things in life are free. I agree with them, but if they (whoever they is ) knew that M&M came out with these delicious coconut M&M's, I bet they would change their saying to "The best things in life are free, others cost $1.29 =)

These coconut M&M's are absolutely delicious and what makes them even more cool is they dont reside with the other m&m's. Stores loves them so much, they are in a place of their own. Having to hunt for them adds to their taste. Its like a prize at the end of the rainbow.

The first time I found them was when the hubby and I had 2 kids at Walgreens trying to make them smile and look like the wonderful kids they are and portray that on a passport picture, instead of America's Most Wanted. Well that failed. My kids looks aboslutely ridiculous in their passport picture, but I was all smiles because sitting right there at the counter staring at me begging to be bought was the white package of nothing else but my coconuts. All the way home in between pitching about pictures and ohh inng and ahhing over this sweet indulgence, I think I irritated the hubby a bit.

Many trips to the local grocery stores, to the gas stations, and they are nowhere to be found. A hint of hope here and there but nothing. Finally this morning after dropping the child at the daycare I decided to forgo the immense line 1 starbucks in a 10 mile square causes, and stopped at the 711 to grab a ice coffee and some lottery tickets. As I am about to pay there they are. In their white goodness asking to be bought and boy I wasnt going to deny them :)

Love A

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Mommadisco said...

I've heard those are amazing.. I've yet to find them :( Must remember to hunt them down. Love me so coconut!