Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeding your kids healthy...

is hard work. Well harder than opening a little jar full of chemicals, but not that hard. We cook it once a week 3-4 different meals and put them in pyrex's (because you know plastic would just defeat the purpose ;) ) and voila you are done. You got to cook different meals full of veggies and nutrients and all that fun stuff, but there is a payoff. Your kids will eat everything from sweet potato to squash, from zucchini to green beans, cabbage and beets?? Bring it on.
The pay off is healthy kids who gets a cold once in a while and after a couple days they are done.
It has a lot to do with genes and luck, I wont deny it, but I bet my kids wouldnt be this healthy if I fed them jar food/fast food all the time. So I do it and do it with pride :)

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Natesgirl said...

you have an award mama!