Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the insanity begins..

He left hell hole and its on his way home. He somehow score himself a 4 day layover in Dubai. DUBAI!!! Yes I said that right. He is living it up, enjoy all the amenities while I am here anxious loosing my mind. If I bit my nails (eww yucky habit) I would have none left by now.

Preparations have begun, I have stretched, I started scrubbing the house, lingerie has been bought, his favorite beer has been stocked, so has his favorite cookies and real mayo instead of the fake crap I like and he despises. Its all shaping up to be a wonderful homecoming night. Him taking care of the kids while I make get reacquainted with an old friend. Sleep ;)

The anxiety and expectation brings me back to Christmas morning when I was a child. So ready to rip open that package and play with the goodies inside. That was not naughty I

Okay I am going now because I am jittery and all over the place and need to get moving before I loose my mind even more.

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sanctimomious said...

Awww...YAY!!! So exciting!! happy homecoming!