Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not so wordless wednesday...

Monday was love day. I signed up for the easiest thing around because I didnt feel like baking. So after dropping Tyler off at school with 40 munchkins and a present for his girlfriend, Julieta and I decided to go do some shopping. Thank you hubby for the Kohl's trip that might have made me spend a bit more than usual. What can I say they have the cutest thing in the world ;)

Later we got some yummy lunch and went to sit by the inlet to watch the boats pass by. After doing loads of nothing, we picked up Tyler from school and heard all about him giving his girlfriend her present (totally cute) but then taking it away from her because she was bad (not so cute) and then to making it up and her actually kissing him. This is the 2nd time he has gotten kissed by 2 different girls nonetheless and he is only 4. I didnt have my first kiss until I was 15. Yeah I know boys are different but this is ridiculous. Maybe I need to make him watch Teen Mom with me ;)

After a yummy dinner and them opening up their presents, and Ty actually drawing me the most adorable portrait of me, it was bed time.

Such an exciting romantic day..NOT!!! I did eat some yummy godiva chocolate and no no, dont throw a rock at my husband. We had decided not to do anything since he will be home soon enough and then we will celebrate it.

The kids got a gift from my parents and so did I to continue the tradition. My parents will still give me gifts for vday, easter, birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, and aniversary. Since I love gifts I dont complain ;)
This year though they gave me a bottle of Kahlua. I love it and will enjoy it just thought it was strange coming from them. Maybe they really know what I need or figure I need to chill out and have a drink. Either way its fine by me.

PS: Look at these pjs?? Dont you wish they came in your size too??

Love A

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