Thursday, February 24, 2011

I resign....

I dont want to be my parents child anymore. I want to be their grandchild. As their child life was rough money was tight, they were very young when they had me, made tons of mistakes, because of their own upbringing they dont really know how to show love,they worked a lot and barely had time for me, blah blah blah (insert more blahs that represents hrs and hrs with my therapist) and you get a pretty good idea of my childhood.

Being a grandchild to them, they get showered with love and affection and undivided attention. My parents are now older (although at least half a decade younger than other grandparents) more wiser, way more patient and just more fun, and besides their financial situation is a lot better. They just redid their backyard and built this for the kids :

So yeah even though I am thankful they are so much better with my kids (we want to rough it out stuff ourselves and make it easy breezy for our children) I still want to resign as their child and become their grandchild because I am a bit jealous ;)
Where do I go to fill out the paperwork??

Love A

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Our Traveling Circus said...

Wow, that looks like a fun place to play--all of greatest kid elements--sand, climbing, swinging!