Friday, March 4, 2011

Presents from over there ....

Getting presents from over there is absolutely awesome. I belong to a couple of military boards and the girls are always raving about the goodies their husbands have gotten for them from overseas. From expensive rugs, to scarfs, pricey jewelry and etc.

Not to be outdone I am going to rave about the stuff I get. To where they got expensive rugs, scarfs and rare jewelry, I have gotten ....MAGNETS. And I love it :)

(The kids also got some cool stuff but they are so selfish they wont even let me take a picture of it because "its from daddy and its miiiiiiinnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...")

This year my husband also got me a plate and some yummy chocolate. He knows me well and I love him for it.

*No my husband didnt go to Australia. His coworker did for r&r. Hey when you are single you go on a safari adventure to Australia for r&r when you are married with kids you go to Pittsburgh ;).
Anyways, hubby made sure to ask him to pick me up a magnet and he did :)

Oh and all these cool magnets is from airport travels (his connections are in cool places but oh so short he airport travels) But dont feel bad for me, I have gone to Australia, Tahiti, Madagascar, all the cool places through one of the most enjoyable forms of transportation nowadays.. Google traveling =)

Love A

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