Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So not cool but okay....

23 days is definitely not enough time to make up for the last 6 months that he was away and not enough to stock up on hugs, kisses and laughter that will carry us through the next 6 months. To be honest, I don't know what amount of time I would need, but definitely more than 23 days. Oh well. I dropped him off at the airport today with hopes and prayers the next 6 months will fly and pretty soon we will be all together under the same roof, where?? God only knows. Hopefully somewhere I want to be. One can only hope..lol.

This r&r was crazy. We had a ton of fun. We did a big road trip, the boys spent time together at the arcade, we went to dinner,a movie, the park, the beach, celebrated Juju's birthday, ate too much fast food & chocolate, drank one or many beers, and stayed up way too late just enjoying each other.

Sunday the mood was gloomy. I knew today was arriving too fast and the more you try to grab on to time the more it slips away from your hands. At the last minute we packed everyone up and headed to the beach. It was 81 degrees but a bit cloudy. The water was kind of cold but none of that stopped us from having fun.
I played for a bit with dh and the kids building sandcastles but after a while I retreated to my towel to bake for a bit. I didnt bake, but I did spend almost 2 hrs just stopping and watching them. There was nothing in my mind but observing them from far away interacting with each other. Very rarerly am I capable of just sitting down and "smelling the flowers". I am so glad I was able to do it on sunday.

Seeing a father have so much fun with his kids is a beautiful thing. Dh didnt have his father around, his step dad was so so, so this is a man that without no experience or training, learning through his mistakes is shaping up to be one amazing dad and I am loving him in even more way than I thought possible.

Yeah he is going back and will be away from us, 6 long months of doing everything alone, missing him every second of everyday is so not cool, but these are the sacrifices we now have to make. And thank God we are seeing the fruits of our labor. Guess who is out of credit card debt?? Gosh I want to shout up from the rooftops. It feels good and now its savings for a home.

So yep, not cool at all but okay. And besides I got over 50 books to read, and various levels of Angry birds to beat. Not a good enough substitute for enjoying everyday with my boo, but we will be okay.

Love A

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Our Traveling Circus said...

So sorry for you. I really hope the next 6 months fly by!
Congrats on getting out of credit card debt--that is HUGE!