Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking my way through Pinterest

As I mentioned before , I discovered Pinterest and have been cooking my way through it, pinning way too much and wasting hours on this wonder site. It has helped me a ton to get my creative juices flowing in the kitchen and I am super excited to try new recipes.

I debating doing a challenge after the hubby is home and for one month only cook thing we have never made before. It seems exciting and get us out of our comfort zones.

So anyways, this past week I have made 3 things and bacon.

Let me start with the bacon. I have never made bacon before. I didn't eat bacon from the time I was 5 until I was 20 years old. I loved pigs, collected them and eating bacon just seemed wrong. Enter dh and all hell broke loose. He started making delicious sunday morning breakfasts and always a side of bacon for him, one bite was all it took. I was a goner. I still never made bacon. Just seemed like a big hassle and I don't fry, not to mention I despise how the house smells after you fry something. Not for me.

After a couple years while at our friends house, he showed dh how to make bacon with the george foreman. Gone was the hassle and in comes a new easier way and dh's current method.

This past february while up in PA, dh's cousin made breakfast for us one night and he cooked bacon in the oven. Delicious and and no frying. I was sold. Well, dh and I were too busy catching up/drinking way too much to noticed the temps or time he cooked this wonder.

While at my bff's house in VA, we tried to recreate making bacon in the oven because she never heard of it and only half was good. I never made bacon again until I stumbled upon a new recipe at Pinterest. Pretty much you take a cookie sheet, cover with foil, place your defrosted bacon on it, throw it in the cold oven, set it to 400 and set the time for anywhere between 17-20 minutes. My oven took 20 minutes but out came the most amazing melt in your mouth bacon ever, no hassle easy clean up. Yeahhh :)

Also I have made this hawaiian chicken. I served it over white rice with a side of veggies. I didn't like it :( I don't know if it was the type of bbq sauce I made or what but it didn't taste right. The kids loved it. I am going to tweak it some more after dh is home and can give me some feedback but to me it the taste was off.

Then came this one : Breakfast casserole.. That was delicious. I made it for dinner one night and was extremely pleased with it. I added green onions and some diced tomatoes to give it some color and it was super. That is going in the cookbooks.
There is a very similar recipe to this floating around on Pinterest called "Weight watchers pizza". If you want to try that one, go ahead. Its so similar to this one, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Last but not least I made a french toast casserole. I made a couple changes including using way less sugar,less eggs, using evaporated milk instead of buttermilk (I never remember to buy it) and also I followed one of the commenters and changed the mode of preparation.
It was good extremely good. Dh is a huge fan of french toast casserole, so I have been on the search for a recipe to wow him since the old one I used was so so in his book. I think this one will wow him, we will see.

That is it so far. I have big plans for this week in terms of continuing on cooking my way through Pinterest. Right now I am on a bit of a hold to see if this hurricane will hit us or not and instead of planning new recipes I am keeping close watch on the news to see if water bottles and tons of batteries and running around like a nut freaking out, will be in my near future or not. Only time will tell.

So tell me, do you guys always cook the same thing or are you all always adding new recipes?? Any that you love?? Share share

Love A


Suz said...

I love this! I've pinned a lot of those same recipes so I love seeing a real life review of them.

I tried the crescent rolls/cream cheese one floating around on pinterest and it was really good. I used all reduced fat stuff and only used 2 cans of crescent rolls, 1 pkg. of cream cheese and halved all the other ingredients and it was yummy and much less indulgent!

Ally said...

Oh I need to look for that one. The only one I saw was with Nutella and nutella is extremely dangerous around here. I have no self control with it so I haven't made it but I will look for that cream cheese one. Thank you :)

Murray Family said...

I've made a few things--overnight blueberry french toast casserole (amazing!), cinnamon sugar pull apart bread (again, amazing!), pesto bread (I don't think I did it right so it was only ok)...I love, love, love Pinterest!!!