Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Resort

Every single weekend for the past month, the kids and I have gone to a resort to rest, relax, and just get away from the routine.

We arrive at this resort at around noon, after I have done laundry and ran errands, we strip down to our bathing suits, run out of air filling out millions of floats and toys and jump in the pool, (The pool is above ground and not a pool that you would expect at a real resort, but its heaven to us), there is a lot of splashing, tons of giggling, funny faces being made and repeated warnings for the toddler to stop drinking the pool water.

There is various calls for "mom look at this, moooom look what I can do". You see the 4 yr old spent 5 weeks and $139 of my hard earned money going to swimming lessons and left not even being able to put his head under water and me devasted. Water is such a big important part of our lives, how will it continue on being if he screams and cries and is petrified??

Well a couple of weeks at this resort with a private coach that has an immense amount of patience and this child can now swim under water, float, jump, splash and is so proud he requires mommys attention every five seconds, and I clap and sing out praises, because serious guys, this is nothing short of a miracle.

After a couple hours of everyone being sun kissed we get out and feast. From delicious bbq ribs that the cook has just perfected, to meat, sausage, chicken legs, chicken hearts, or salmon with some shrimp served over a bed of salad and roasted veggies as a side dish. By the time everyone is stuffed, we lounge around the hammock, sipping our beers, enjoying the 95 degree weather but safe under the shade, we let digestion work itself.

30 minutes goes by, the children have already enjoyed their little area that papa created and are ready to go back to the pool. Who are we to say no?? back we go. By the time 4pm rolls, we are all exhausted, and extremely wrinkly. Time to get out of the pool and dry out, and by this point we know its time. The children are exhausted they don't even argue. We dry them out, go inside for some frozen yogurt, then pack up the car, give everyone kisses and leave the resort only with promises to be back every single weekend.

The 10 minute ride home is the oldest reliving his love for his grandparents and the youngest almost falling asleep. We get home, everyone gets a bath, some dinner, a bit of milk sipping and some cartoons for some half awake children. By 7:30 their eyes wont stay up anymore, I drag them upstairs for night routine, books and bed. As I kissed their sun kissed heads, I thank God for surviving one more weekend without my husband and for the amazing parents I have that makes it all possible.

You see, my parents are truly amazing. They know a lot and its my hope to one day be like them. They own a granite/cabinet business. The creations they make is unbelievable. They are out of this world. We don't agree on a lot, but I am their biggest fan. Being an only child, my children are their only grandchildren, being older and more wiser, they learned with age that they seriously are the best grandparents around. They will laugh and play with them. They will make funny faces over and over again just to get one more giggle from the children. They will roll on the floor with them and are not afraid to get dirty. They spoil them a lot and I try to reign that in, but they know that rolling around on the floor is more important than anything they could buy them, so they do it even more the days they got them an extra toy and know I will say something.

This is my resort :




Yes, my resort is in their backyard. The same backyard they built in about 2 weeks with their bare hands. I told you they were awesome, I wasn't lying :)

So, as I tuck my children in bed each and every night, I am thankful. Thankful for some amazing parents that are the kind of grandparents everyone deserves.

Love A


Our Traveling Circus said...

I'd like to head there every weekend too!! I love the tiki bar!
What a great way for you to recharge your batteries after a long week!

Murray Family said...

Beautiful! It's better than a resort!