Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me....

(Of course Hubby had to be cute and flip my candles..lol. This is the cake. A couple months ago I went to a babyshower and this is the cake they served. I fell in love with it and said I was going to have it for my birthday. Its a coldstone red velvet cake with strawberry ice cream and strawberry cream on top. So freaking delicious.)

Today Saturday June 27th,2009 I turned 28 years old.
I cant believe I am already this old..lol. After 20, the years just fly.
It was a great one though. My parents arrived on Friday and got right on barbqueing (is that even a word?? lol). We stayed up way too late talking and sipping on sangria. A girl from my site gave me a wonderful recipe. I drank way too much.
On saturday I was pampered. My parents and hubby took care of the kids most of the day. I got to lounge around and just enjoy the day. I ate some more yummy food. My father is an amazing cook. If I become even half of the cook he is, I will be content.
Some singing, candle blowing, and cake cutting later, it was all over. The funniest thing of the day was Tyler. We have been telling him it was going to be my birthday for a week and there would be singing and cake. For a whole week he has been driving everyone nuts asking about the cake and all. Well finally after we cut the cake and I gave him a piece, he said.."I get birthday cake. I been good boy. love you mommy so much". We all started laughing and my heart just melted. He is amazing.

The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed each others company while my father cooked for us some more and also cooked Ju's food ( a blog about that later).

Sunday morning they left at like 6 am and took Tyler. He will be there for a whole month spending some time with the grandparents.
I already miss him a ton but I am happy. I have wonderful memories of spending summers with my grandparents and I want my kids to have that too. I am soo thankful I have amazing wonderful parents who drives me crazy, but are always there and involved in our kids lives and cares.
They also wanted to take Ju but I put a stop to that right there. Babies needs their mommies for their first year. No way. My mom wasnt very happy but hey she got Tyler and we all know he is a handful..lol.

My parents with my babies :)

My moms dog.

(This was before they even started drinking..)

Love A

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