Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unexpected packages...:)

ps..I am going back in time here because I havent blogged in a couple days. So this is Thursday :)

Today the day was going along boring as hell. The excitment of my parents arriving tomorrow and the hapiness/dread of my birthday was driving me up the wall.
Then a knock on the door. Its the mailman with not one but 2 packages. Tyler starts flipping out. He is in love with the mailman and letter and packages. Yep he got it from his mama :)
I tear open the first one and its from my amazing sister in law. She sent Ju a bunch of clothes and Tyler a bunch of toys. I love my sister in law. She is always calling to check up on us and the kids. She genuinilly cares and makes up for the absent mother in law who barerlly calls or cares. We love sil and bil so much and cant wait to go visit them.

The next box was from a girl on my site. She is breast feeding so she doesnt need all the formula samples and coupons she got. Being an amazing person, she mailed it all to me. That is easilly a $50 savings. I cant thank her enough.

From then on the excitment and dread dissappeared. That is the beauty of mail and kindness of people :)


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