Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally ......


So after years of being an illegal (end of May was my american aniverssary. 15 years ago is when we arrived), then going through the nightmare of the process naturalization is, thousands of dollars, thousands of paperwork, thousands of phone calls, a couple of delays because of the wonderful military moving us, today became all worth it. I am now an American citzen. The cerimony was pretty neat. There were 47 people getting naturalized and from 26 different countries. So many people from India and China, 1 guy from Nicaragua a marine, and me. The only Brazillian. I feel absolutly naked without my green card, so that is something to get used to. I am applying for my american passport soon and I am also applying to legalize my parents. But that is them. I only have to mail them the paperwork, and sit back. They are going through the nighmare now. Now though I can tell them it will be worth it in the end =)

ps..No pictures though :( Between juggling a toddler screaming in the middle of a quiet ceremony that he wants to pee and is tired, a baby that is just too exhausted, the pictures that hubby took didnt come out tha good. They were all shaky and very dark. Its all good. I got it in memory and that will last a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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