Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Monday...

We all dread Mondays. Mondays just suck and its pretty much the most hated day of the week. Well this Monday rocked. Scotty had the day off so after dealing with insurance, running a million errands we decided to chill and took Tyler to the splash pad. He had an amazing time. Even Scotty got on the fun. We will definetetly be going back.
On the way home we stopped at Cafe Espana and I got a white chocolate mocha frap. Soo freaking good. The girls from my site met there last week for coffee and I fell in love with that place. They have the most delicious spinach&cheese empanadas and the owners are Spanish and extremelly nice. Their fraps are soo yummy and asides from the empanadas they have croissants and all kinds of cakes and breads you can imagine. They even have some fraps named MilkWay Mocha, Raspberry Trufle and Nutty Way. Whats not to love? =)

After we got home we grilled some steak and had some beer. I loove summers. Whats a better way to start a week??


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