Monday, June 1, 2009

Hindsight really is 20/

This is a rant, rave and me whinning. Nothing The insurance decided to totall our car. That is a blessing in the sky. Now we can use just dh's car which is paid off, our insurance will go down and no more car payment. Just what we needed in terms of financial. This way we will be able to pay off the credit cards and maybe do the same thing for me in a couple months..aka get a car with a blown engine and have dh put in. We will see what we will do. But really if someone had come to us and told us this is what was going to happen would we take it? Asides from the whole legal matter dh will have to deal with it, hell yeahh. So this is really a shame on my faith because we both freaked out and kept asking God what the hell he was doing when in reality he was lining it all up to help us out majorlly in the end.
Ohh well lesson learned for next time. So for now I am dealing with insurance and gap insurance and all that and practicing driving dh's car more. I think I have mastered the stick shift. Finally who would have thunk it? lol. Just a little more practice and i will be a pro.

Also Mrs Julieta finally rolled. I been on her talking to her and encouraging her and pushing her and she wanted nothing to do with it, out of nowhere she rolled twice today. What a big relief. She is hitting her milestones (on her own time ) but she is and for that I am thankfull.

That is about it for around here. We still dont know about court date, or how much his ticket will be and if we will be able to take leave but what we know it plenty and I am happy.


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