Monday, November 8, 2010

Easily amused...

My kids loves balloons. At the local grocery store they always give them out when you go through the cashier. I don't like the tears that comes after their balloons pops. Its inconsolable crying. Sometimes he opens the car window and out it flies. Just a pain.

Well browsing through etsy, I cam across this :

and I love it. It just came in today and its so cute. Works great, dd has been a happy camper playing all afternoon with her balloon (yeah yeah it was supposed to be a stocking stuffer, but with us going home fro Christmas , she was home she saw it I said why not?).

So if you are easily amused like me and want cute cheap stocking stuffer that they will actually play with it instead of little junk, head over to etsy.

They have this adorable octopus :

all different kinds of magnets, wooden little cars. Just neat little stuff that will be perfect for stocking stuffing and it will actually get played with :)

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