Saturday, November 20, 2010

What do I do all day??

It all started with me posting a question about prices on facebook about getting a housecleaner. I got some pretty mean comments about being a stay at home mom with 2 kids and that its just me being lazy.

So here is a look at what this stay at hom mom does ;)

2-4am: Tyler is chattering his teeth and dealing with night-terrors so bad it wakes me up. I go and console him until he is back asleep.
6am: Tyler comes to wake me up. I plea and offer him a pony to let me sleep in a little bit more no such luck.
6:30: roll out of bed extremely exhausted
6:30-7am : Teeth brushing, hair brushing, making my bed, getting dressed, pick up clothes off the floor of my closet.
7-7:30- teeth brushing for kids, changing and dressing both kids make Tyler's bed.
7:30-8: breakfast, separate everything I need for the day
8-9: drop Ty off at school
9-9:30: Errands for my parents (bank, post office)
9:30-10/11- Phone call from hubby then straight to the Gym
11-11:30: head home take shower, Juliet lunch, eat lunch, pull meat out for dinner, vaccum
11:30-12 : put her down for her nap.
12-12:30: Throw laundry in, translate documents for my parents, call around for prices for wood and granite or call around for whatever else they need.
12-1- time for myself (internet, phone calls to friends or family)
1-2pm: Pull laundry out, fold it, clean kitchen,
2-3: Juliet up from her nap more phone calls for parents
3-4: snack Juliet, dinner cooking
4-4:30- Grab everything else I need out the door to pick Tyler up from daycare
4:30-5- pick up Tyler from daycare stop at bank or post office or whatever else I need before end of the day
5: Tyler swimming lesson
6pm: Head home, feed the kids dinner, put away the clothes, bath, milk. kitchen cleaning.
7-7:50: watching cartoons with kids,
8pm: teeth brushing, 2 book reading, prayers,lights out both kids sleeping
8-10: time for myself, fighting to stay awake
10:30pm- phone call from husband
11pm- drag myself up the stairs and go to bed to start all over the next day.

That is when I dont have to do something else. Last night I had to go buy an entertainment center and a new dishwasher to replace the old one for the landlord. Didnt get home until almost 9:30 pm.

Starting in January I am adding going to school online. It usually takes 4 wks doing it 10-15hrs a week per class. Because I still have 10 classes to take and don't want to wait 10 months to finish, I am going to try to do it faster while Ju naps and at night after the kids go to bed.

So yeah, its not easy. I know everyones life is not easy and hectic and with a deployed husband, its harder. I don't get a day off. I don't get to take a shower in peace, I dont even get to pee in peace. I been dying to go to the movies or to have a drink with friends. It won't happen until he gets home. Its the life we chose and I love it, yeah there are things that sucks about it but I can handle it. But just because I want a house-cleaner doesnt mean I sit at home all day eating bonbons. I havent been able to watch Oprah in 3 months because of ds's swimming after school. So please the next time you think stay at hom moms do absolutely nothing, ask them. They will gladly tell you ;)

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