Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is good, real good...

Every couple days I been getting complains about ds in school. He is not listening, he is not napping, he is always asking to drink too much water, he is going into the bathroom with the girls, all the norm. I been on him about it. Bribbing, threating to take him to jail,threating to pull him out of school, phone calls to his father, phone calls to his grandfather, phone calls to santa, nothing is working.
He has an amazing teacher who melts for his smiles, but even so he was driving her nuts.
I was completely out of option and ideas. Well today I went to pick him up and his teacher while starting to talk to me had tears in her eyes. Insane thoughts ran through my head. What did he do now??

Well to my surprise it was good really good. The teacher was telling me this new little girl just started class 3 days before because her parents went through a nasty divorce and now her mom had to go back to work. All she did was cry, cry and cry. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't play. Nothing. Her mom was worried teacher was worried everyone was worried.
Well my son, my big boy, whispered something into this little girls ear. She stopped crying, started laughing, sat down ate lunch with him, laid down on her mat right next to him, played with him the whole time and even started to play with the other kids too. When I went to pick him up, he wasn't allowed to leave without giving her a big old hug and promising her that he would be back tomorrow.

I about lost it when his teacher told me. We were sitting there both crying tears of happiness. That is by far one of my most proud mommy moments. Somehow a ease came over me and it was the little reassurance from up above that I need. Reassurance that even though I am not perfect, I loose my temper, my patience,I make a ton of mistakes, somehow I am raising wonderful, caring kids.

What more could anyone ask for??

ps. Dont even bother asking. His teacher have asked him, I have asked him repeatedly what he said to this little girl. What those magic words were and he wont tell. He said its a secret. He could never keep a secret but I guess this one he can and its fine by me :)

Love A

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Karen said...

Great post! What a sweet little boy you have. :)