Tuesday, November 16, 2010

". I wish I may, I wish I might,: Have the wish I wish tonight...

Christmas is coming and since I love all holiday talk, I am following the lead of Karen (www.mygoalissimple.com ) (who followed the lead of someone else) such is the world of blogging, and if money was no object here is my Christmas list.

Take notes mom :)

1. I want him doing exactly that :

but even Santa is not that skillfull. So...

2. I would love to know that he got a job offer here :

3. An all inclusive trip to here would make me kiss each and every single reeindeer. Heck I only been dreaming about going there for the past 21 years of my life.

4. One of these to replace the 8th of a carat I got and lost when we got married would put a huge smile on my face:

5. One of these would make me run around in circles screaming (if I get this it will be 15 inches bigger than anything I ever had. 15 inches is a lot. I would actually be able to watch it without glasses. How cool would that be?? :)

6. The reason I want one of these is for my health. Being stressed out, getting frustrated and screaming at my :"I will always overheat and shutdown when you are doing something important just to enjoy you turning red" laptop, is bound to be bad for my health. So its a necessity. Right??

So that is my list. I think one or two I will get it after Christmas and after we are debt free, but even if I don't get any, I am alive, healthy, my husband got a job, my kids are healthy, I will still have a smile on come Christmas morning. So its all good. I wont stop believing or wishing :)

Love A


Karen @ My Goal is Simple said...

Back in 2005, I jumped into the Apple pool with an iBook. I have since upgraded to a MacBook and couldn't be more tickled with my computer. Maybe that can be your "I survived the deployment" gift to yourself when your husband gets home!

Our Traveling Circus said...

I'm totally with you on #4. And throw in a stay in the over the water huts with the clear glass 'fish view' floors...because money is no object, right? A girl can dream!

Ally said...

It took me so long to want to switch to Apple. Before it was fear now I just want to do it. Even if I wont know how to use it anything has got to be better than my pc. I hope I will get one next year if we dont get hit with huge taxes.

Ohh shop, that is it. Do you know that every so often I will go search prices for it just to see?. I dream about those huts. Maybe for our 10th..lol