Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas =)

When you are doing the chicken bow wow, you never think that the happy moments will lead to a pregnancy, that will lead to a child, that the child will be 4 and ask you questions about Christmas and you have to somehow convey to a 4 who still believe in dinosaurs that there is a God, a Jesus, today is Jesus birthday and that there is also a jolly fellow that brings presents. How to explain all that that they will one day

A. Dont think you flat out lied to them

B. Keep focus on what is important about Christmas

and C. Keep the magic alive

Its a hard task. So on the way to my parents we tackled the conversation again

Me: You know where we are going and what we are doing right Tyler??

TY: Yes mama. We are going to nana and papas to celebrate Christmas. Jesus birthday, get presents from santa and eat a lot.

ME: (this is going good). Yes today is Jesus birthday, son of God. We love him very much he loves us, so he wanted us to have presents on his birthday. But presents is not the really important thing. The fact that is his birthday today is what is important.

Ty: My video game that santa will bring is important.

Me: yes it is important to you but not as important as having a love Jesus that loves you.

Ty: Yep and if you die you see God

Me: uhh yeah you are right

Ty: Yep when you die like Pepe (my mothers dog that just passed away) balloons come up and take you up to the sky, high and high and high. You will see dinosaurs and live with God.

ME: Uh very true

Ty: and when I die, and when baby dies balloons will come to take us up to the sky. When you die we will need a lot of balloons too.

ME; Yes because I am bigger but I am hoping its not for a long long time.

Ty: not too long because I want to meet God. OH and if daddy or papa misses us, they can just throw some beans in the ground, grow a big tree climb up and go see us.

Me: uhh okay that is true..

TY" and if nana misses us, she can either climb the tree too or use the airplane to go to brazil and stop over

ME: Sounds like a plan but not for a long long time away.

Ty: Oh mommy I hope not too far. I soo want to meet God and this son of his that have a birthday and likes us to have his presents. He is a very cool guy because on my birthday I dont love anyone enough to give my presents..

So yep, that was our conversation. I dont know if its mission accomplished or mission failed , all I do know is that I had to bite my tongue from laughing so hard. To me it was funny and when I tell dh tonight, he will also laugh and I will laugh again.

Just for the comedy grade I give it a 10. The rest only time will tell!

Much love and Merry Christmas everyone

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