Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mama bear and a glass of wine before 9am!

Once upon a time in a village not far away,
there was a pregnant mama bear.
The old ladies of the village always filled her head with stories.
"Sweetie, carrying a boy you know you are in for broken bones, stiches, toys up their noses, trying to fly out of stairs, and so forth. It will be extremely wild".

That mama bear was scared, and looking at the history of mama bear (4 broken bones, 13 stiches, and one ripped ear all before the tender age of 6) and papa bear (3 stiches and one pellet still stuck on the back of his head), with odds this high, that fear never subsided.
For the next couple years, everything was great. A busted lip here, a banged head there, nothing major. Mama Bear was actually beginning to believe she had beaten the odds. She cared so tenderly and took such good care of her cub, the ladies in the village were wrong and her little cub was going to survive childhood without any major injuries.
Well, who says bears are very smart anyways??

On a bright sunny morning, while mama bear was still sleeping her little cub came to her and told her his ear hurt. Mama bear rolled over with sleepy eyes and told baby cub it was probably a pimple.
Little cub not satisfied with that response said "No mama its something different in my ear".
That sure peaked mama bears curiosity. She jumped out of bed to examine. Upon further examination, she saw a metal piece.
All the warnings from the village ladies came back to her.
Without much thougth process, she got the kids dressed in a hurry, got herself dressed, and to the doctors they went.
After a big futuristic machine took a picture of the inner workings of little cubs ear, and the kind old man with a pair of tweezers pulled out the metal piece, mama bear finally heard herself let out a breath. One she had been holding on to since this morning.
Stickers were handed out with promises of not sticking anything in ears again.
And the little bear family left the hospital.

The ladies at the village turned out to be right, like they always do, and even though mama bear was thankful for their stories. Because I mean what is a piece of metal in a ear when so and so's son stuck a beetle in his. Or when other have stuck legos or bead on theirs.

One more time we dodged the worse, and little cub will survive childhood and hopefully adulthood, but only because mama bear has wine and have no problem drinking it before 9am. IF she didnt one couldnt be sure about little cubs future.



Our Traveling Circus said...

Oh geez, a glass of vino is definitely deserved!! Glad he's ok and the metal piece came out painlessly!

At my very first job, one of our patients told me she had stuck a piece of corn in her ear when she was little, and weeks later, they found it...growing out of her ear.
That has grossed me out for the past 12 years.

Ally said...

Oh that is really gross. I will definitely not leave corn lying around and will harp on ds tomorrow about not sticking corn in his ear. He will probably think its hilarious if a tree grows