Thursday, December 23, 2010

There is always a bright side....

You know what is the bright side of having a deployed husband and double inner and outer ear infection a couple days before Christmas?? No one expects you to do anything.

Any other year and I would have a list of things to bake since my parents dont like to bake and the husband requests a couple of american traditions because even though he loves our traditions, sometimes he just has to have a peanut butter burger on Christmas eve to kind of not loose a sense of himself.

Also Christmas eve brings in slave labor from my parents. I have to peel garlic, pounds and pounds of garlic (where do you think my mentality of "there is never enough garlic comes from??"), peel lbs of onions, dice tomatoes, hundreds of green peppers, enough potatoes to feed a small army do loads and loads of dishes.

My father is a jack of many trades. For a while, one of his jobs was cooking for a restaurant. He already had no concept of how much food is really necessary for 4 adults and 2 children,and after that job it just got worse. He doesnt understand we do not need a 12 lb ham, 9 lbs of cod, and a tender for just the 6 of us. Growing up very poor with 3 siblings and never enough food does that to a person I guess.

So anyways back on track, I have a lot of slave labor every Christmas eve.

This year dh being deployed pilled on to the fact I have this nasty: no fever-havent been sick in a while-how the fuck do I have a ear infection- thank God its not a bug that decided to take home in there-for the 20th million time "No Tyler I didnt stick anything in my ear unlike you -is beyond me, I have been informed I had to do absolutely nothing. I just had to show up with an empty stomach.

Angels are singing and the people of Nepal heard my joyous screams. For the first time in my 29 yrs I get to be lazy on Christmas eve. I am going to enjoy every second of it and not feel guilty at all. I use to dream of this day many year ago, thousands of miles away, when I was an 8 yr old crying because I had a cut in my hand and 22lbs of onions to peel. So yep I will enjoy it :) My only task will be to dodge my mother and her insane year after year chasing us with her fruitcake thinking that if we just take one bite we will love it so much like her.

Now I wish I didnt bake anything, but looking at other peoples plan, got me excited so I decided to make brownies for the kids. It would be a shame if I didnt bake at least one thing for Christmas. I wouldnt feel right in the world. So I made brownies for the kids, and my children sat in front of the stove and watched it. Its their favorite pass time. Too bad for them that was the only thing I was going to make ;)



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