Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was a crazy year. From leaving the military, to living with my parents, to dh going to Kuwait, coming back, being out of job, living with our friends, to going absolutely insane, to having our patience tested, our love, our faith, to dh scoring a quick arse job in Afghanistan, to moving alone with 2 kids, to spending Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and now New Years alone, to paying off bills, to try to stabilize ourselves in a shaky ground. Its been crazy to say the least.
2011 is looking very good. Dh will come home for R&R, I will once start school again, we will completely be out of debt, and I will turn 30 eeek!!!!

I hope 2011 brings everyone extremely amazing things. I am hopeful and I hope you are too :)

Love A

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