Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear God, give me the strenght to not ....

slap the stupid u/s tech silly!!!

So today I had my u/s. Dh came home early from class and was able to stay home with ds. Wow kind of pathetic, I have to go get poked and probbed just to have some peace and quiet.
Well anyways, us went good. I didnt have to drink a ton of water and she let me pee since it was my first real u/s at almost 32 wks. That is just wonderful Tricare. We wont go there. Its free I dont pay. I wont whine about it.
Anyways, she starts off friendly. We are talking, she tells me bambina is measuring 3lbs 5oz. and that she is moving around a lot so it might take a bit longer. No biggie. Then suddlenly mid sentence she gets really quiet. I ask her whats wrong. She tells me nothing. She keeps on checking me up but doesnt tell me anything else. So by this point, I am thinking she saw a penis, or a third arm or even mermaid legs. Heck its me and my insane mind we are talking about okay.
Flashes of future Oprah shows and tabloid covers explaining why I am carrying a freak of nature flashes before my eyes...
Then she tells me to breath. Breath?? Ohh yeahh crap, I might be turning purple from holding my breath the last 5 minutes.
But how can I breath??
So she proceeds to tell me they might call me back and the doc might request another u/s since the baby is moving soo much and she cant get a clear view of the spine.

I hear.."Your baby doesnt have a spine or something is wrong with yours babies spine, but I cant tell you that since I am just the tech". y

Tears are about to stream down my face and I guess she realizes that and then adds for good measure..OHh honey dont worry. Everything looks great. Her head is resting on your bladder, so dont cough too hard (laughter), her feet are stuck in your ribs (poor you), and her spine is fine. The only thing is I cant get a complete measure since she wont stop bouncing around and therefore the doc might or might not ask for another one".

I dont know if I am hormonal or not, but I just had this sudden urge to slap her.
She scared the crap out of me. I dont know if it was me or she was just a pitch the way she handled it.
Anyways the rest of the day went pretty crappy. So now all kinds of crap is running through my head.
I hope everything will end up being just fine and I am just paranoid. Until then I probably wont sleep.

Great just great!!!!

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