Monday, December 8, 2008


Ughgh latetly I refuse to believe I gave birth to this kid. Dont get me wrong, some days he melts my heart and makes me soo happy I am a mom. Other days I am questioned why didnt we just get dogs and were done with it.

So today he had a doctors appointment go get a physical or else he wont be able to go to hourlly care anymore. I need a break from him here and there, so to get his physical today we go.
We get there and get back to the room. The nurse gets his weight and when she goes to get his height, he starts flipping out.
Then when we get in the room to talk to the doctor, all hell breaks loose. Munster didnt like the doc from first look. He started crying for absolutly no reason at all. So the doctor is trying to look in his ears and he is flipping, he is trying to look inside his nose and mouth and ds is screaming bloody murder. By the time he goes to listen to his heart and belly, 2 nurses comes in wondering what kind of torture device is the doc using. Nothing is calming him down. Finally the doc just fills out the forms and does a quick physical and I bolt out of there.

We get home and he goes to sleep without even crying. He was tired from waking me up at 5 am and from all the days excitment.

I dont know what to do somedays. It seems like I am the person that is supossed to comfort him, cant for the life of me.

Now most afternoons, he wakes up smiling. Today he woke up cranky as crap. He wasnt listening, he was defiant and he just kept throwing fits and tantrums. By the time dh walked in the door at 4pm, from the look of my face, he knew it was a shitty day.
I pretty much dumped Ty on dh and went to take a shower. A very long shower. BY the time I am out of the shower, he had already emptied the dishwasher and was cooking dinner, and ds was sitting on the kitchen floor by his feet drinking his juice and munching on a cookie. I means seriouslly? is this the same kid that half an hour ago was acting like the world was ending?? And is this the same husband that I have to nag to get anyting done, cooking dinner and doing dishes without me asking??

Either I need medication or someone upstairs saw how desperately I needed a break.
I dont know, but either way I am thankful.

Here is to better days and soon the ability to get drunk :)

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