Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am 27 years old and I think this is the first Christmas I finally understood the true spirit of things.
Everyone that knows me, knows I love presents. Sorry I do. Christmas is about family and food but the presents always made me happy.
This year I got presents, but I didnt care about them at all.
Scotty and I were talking about this and he feels the same way. Christmas is not the same from before you have kids to after. There is no bigger present or more special way to spend Christmas than with a toddler. They make it soo exciting. The look on their face, their excitment about everything, their appreciation for everything. Its trully magical. This was one of the best Christmas ever. Tyler is at such a great age. He opened all his presents on his own, said thanks to santa and has been playing with them nonstop.
The kitchen we got him was a huge hit.
My parents did come up, they cooked an amazing meal and we had fun playing board games, but nothing will top his excited look on Christmas morning or our hapiness to be able to give that to him. If I never get another present in my life, I am okay, as long as I can recreate this magic again with him and our precious little girl.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and their 09 is full of everything they want and need :)

ps..FOrgot to you can see from the pictures, Scotty's chocolate covered strawberries were a hit!!!


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Laura said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! I love the pics of Ty with chocolate all over.