Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying times with a toddler and Christmas shopping..

So Saturday I designated "Christmas shopping" day. We left the house around 10 and hit the mall first. I ordered the 2 small gifts from my parents and will pick them up this week since they have to be engraved, I hit the Disney store for my godkids (I had already found what I wanted online first and found that store carried) and of course they dont have what I want. So we walk around and I am trying to find a kiosk that sells handmade ornaments for the Christmas exchange, well we walk up and down the mall and there is no kiosk. So I felt like I didnt accomplish crap.
By 1pm we head home and decide to let the kid sleep and me relax for a bit since I am having some cramps.
Well kid doesnt sleep. Dh is in the mood to shop so he decides to just screw and drag a tired kid to AAfes to look for the rest of the Christmas presents and buy his lights for outside. We get to AAfes and dh in all his brightness decides to make ds hold this little car toy to keep him quiet. Dude are you nuts?? Whatever. Here we are looking at lights and he is trying to convice me to spend 15 bucks a box on lights for outside. Uhh no I dont think so. Considering he wanted 3 boxes, that was out of the question. I knew walmart had it cheaper.
So I grab ds a couple of toys for Christmas and head to the cashier. Dh takes the little car toy he had ds hold away from him so we can pay for the rest of the stuff and leave. Ds throws a fit. He is tired, cranky and dad just took away a toy.
Now I am one to pull down his pants and swat his bootie in the middle of the store so he wont do it again. Dh thinks that looks like trash and he just tries to talk to ds and calm him down. Yeahh didnt work. I didnt know where to stick my face.
God if its one area we disagree its with ds. I am seriouslly debating dragging his arse back to counseling so we can try to get on the same page when it comes to ds, or I dont know where we will end up.

Well we argue a bit in the car and ds falls asleep. Dh still wants his stupid lights. I remind him that ds is asleep and he didnt bring the stroller. He says he doesnt want. He wants his light. So to Walmart we head. I had to buy a couple stuff anyways.
We get there and spend 20 minutes trying to find a cart with the baby carriage in it so he can lay down a sleepy ds. By the time we find one and he puts ds down, his arm is probably asleep an he is rubbing it like crazy. Inside I smirk. Evil I know. :)

Anyways, I get everything I need and we end up finding his lights for 8 bucks a box. He gets his 3 boxes and everything is great.
We get to the cashier to ring for everything and our card gets denied...UHh I dont think so. So I am sitting there calling the bank to check our balance and figure out the money is in the savings and I only have like 20 bucks in the checking account to cover a $200 bill at Walmart. Last week when I asked dh to transfer the money from the savings to the checkings he didnt do it. He told me he did it though. Want to talk about looking like trash?? LOL> Here we are at the cashier with a huge line behind us and me on the phone transfering funds from savings to checkings so we can pay our bill. Everyone is looking at us. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But we did the transfer, the card went through we paid, I apologized profoundly to the cashier and the people behind us and we left.

Dh hung his lights and the rest of the day went without a hitch.
Ohh except that I cant find my 20% off coupon for Bed bath and beyond. My parents big present is coming from there and since it costs about $150 bucks, that coupon is kind of necessary. I been saving that coupon for a month and now I cant find it. Just great.
I give

We got home, ate, played with ds, cleaned and then dh went to rent a movie. He rents "The Happening". OMG dont waste 2 hrs of your life. The most stupid movie ever ever.
I feel asleep during the end. I cant believe how badly it sucked..

Dh wakes me up towards the end and says he is going to return it, go get some ice coffee and rent another movie. HE gets Hancock. Fine good movie. I didnt like that he didnt end up with the girl and dh accused me of trying to make his manly movie into a bitch sobbing lovefest.
Ughh its time for

On Sunday things went a bit better. We went to a birthday party for a 2 yr old little girl at our playgroup. They had a huge playroom with every toy imaginable. How nice it was for all the parents to talk for hours while the kids played in the playroom. Wonder if housing will let us add a playroom ??

The rest of the day went without a hitch. Kid slept, dh messed with the lights outside again. I didnt cook anything exciting, we watched tv and it was soon bed time.

Weekends flies I tell you. :)

3 wks until Christmas!!! Yeppie :)

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