Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally some sunshine...

Now that things have started to calm down a bit I can explain whats been going on in our lives.
In may dh bought a car from the neighboors for $100 bucks. A 95 Nissan Altima with a blown motor. We only have 1 car, my equinox. When we left Hood we decided to trade in both our cars and get the equinox. A stupid mistake we did but it was done. The plan was to get here at Bragg and buy dh a cheap car to go back and forth to work, and my car would be the family car. When we got here in Oct, we got dh a used Mazda for 1100 bucks. It seemed to be in good conditions. After 3 months of throwing money into we were so mad and pissed off and frustrated we sold it for 200 bucks just to get rid of it. So we had been looking for another car for dh. The neighboor had his for sale and we decided $100 bucks is nothing. We will buy and slowly get the engine and fix it up. That is what we did. The first week of may we had the money to buy the engine. It was $750 for an engine with 50K miles. Great deal. Well the engine arrived may 15th and we were going to wait for a couple more weeks so we had money to buy the rest of the parts and dh was going to work on putting it on.
Well on monday morning May 18th, dh left for pt. One street was closed, he didnt see the street was closed because it was pouring down rain and they didnt have signs before posted. Well dh gets up to the barricade and its too late by the time he saw it. Instead of hitting the cop car that was sitting there in front of the barricade, he slammed on the breaks, realized since the roads was wet he was sliding, he threw to the left, jumped a curb and hit the hospital sign. He wasnt hurt or anything but now my car is all messed up. The whole front bumper shifted and the tire was off the rim and the sign was destroyed. So here comes the fun....

He got a ticket for reckless driving and a court date. We will fight it for sure because it was pouring down rain and there were no signs saying the road was closed. Also I thought I had rental car when it came to accident. Well I dont. When we got this car and switched the insurance around, something got messed up and the rental car got dropped. So here we are. One car messed up from the accident and 1 sitting in a driveway with no engine and an engine sitting in my front porch. Thank God our neighboors and friends helped us out. They took us to the grocery store and to everywhere else we needed to go and dh started working on putting the engine in. 2 wks of pure hell. He would come home from work and work on that car until almost 10. With no more light and just a little flashlight. 2 wks of having to buy more parts because it needed this and it needed that. Just pure freaking hell. This morning, after putting the engine in and connecting everything and changing parts that were leaking or messed up, he realized something else was leaking and the break system wasnt working. OMG we just want to sit down and cry. How much more can God throw at us. We are absolutly defeated, and cant handle it anymore. Well after relaxing and talking it over, he decided he was going to take a deep breath and try again. Lo and behold he figured out every single issue with the car. He got the break line unclogged and he fixed the hoes that was leaking. The car is running fine. We sit down and cry tears of joy. Finally its working. We finally have a working car. Rock on.
So we went to Walmart right away to order Juliet's glasses. She has needed glasses for a while and with all this going on, we didnt have a chance to get there and order her glasses, we also went to the parts store and got the last parts that needed to make it running smoothly.
After two wks of so much stress to the point of we cant handle anymore and fighting everyday and might even get divorced and our relationship being tested and pushed over and over past its breaking point, the clouds rolled away and some sunshine is now peeking through. I am soo proud of dh its unbeliveable. I knew he was an amazing mechanic but this is completly a new level for him.

So for now we have a working car and that I am thankful. My car the insurance still havent decided if they will totall it or fix it. At this point I want them to total it and just be done with it. We will see. Also we have to wait for the police report and the court date. We do have 25k in property damage. I am hoping and praying the hospital didnt spend more than that on their sign. Also dh did get a counseling report but the brunt of it wont come down until the police report/court date comes through. HE might get an article 15, loose pay, loose rank and even get kicked out. I am trying not to stress and worry until it happens. Just trying to deal with one thing at a time.

So that is where we stand. Thank you soo much everyone who helped us and for all the kind words that came our way. You all dont even know how much it means to us.


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