Monday, September 13, 2010

25 things about me

I stumbled on this in facebook and its a tool to help learn facts about each other. Can I come up with 25 things?? I am not sure but here it goes :)

1. My biggest fear in life is my kids never understanding or knowing God. I feel its my most important job as a mother to teach them.

2. I daydream about a house in country, surrounded by 10 kids, growing my food and veggies living very naturally. Except I love the city, 2 kids is the max for my patience, and I have a black thumb that can easily kill a cactus. Coming to terms with fantasy and reality is hard.

3. I never re read books. I feel like there is so many books out there no way I want to spend my time re reading the ones I already read.

4.I want a diploma so bad. Even if I am never use it, I just want that dang piece of paper.

5. I am double jointed in both of my arms and have broke 1 4 times and the other 3.

6.I love organizing. Drawers, papers,cabinets, the fridge, my children toys. Anything at all.

7. I am addicted to chocolate. I have at least one piece a day. Chocolate makes me happy.

8. I puffy heart Oprah and think she is pretty awesome (go ahead laugh)

9. I wish I could have a surgery to lower my voice. No matter how much I try, ever since I was a kid as I am talking my voice gets louder and louder. I am sick and tired of people telling me to stop screaming when I am really not.

10. I am an only child and I am extremely jealous of people with siblings and even more of ppl with siblings but treat them bad. You don't know how lucky you are.

11. I want stability but if I stay in one place, I get bored too quickly.

12. This world today scares me. Raising my kids in a world like today?? I dont know where God found all this trust to put in me...

13.I am only 29 but ever since I was 20, I feel like time is flying and I am in a race to keep up with it.

14. Its absolutely sickening how I feel my body relaxing after a sip of diet coke

15. I drive around for no reason. Driving gives me joy. I cant tell you how many times I drove by the beach or got lost in neighborhoods.

16. I love seeing the inside of peoples houses. How they live, how they decorate. I read tons of blogs and when someone posts a picture of their house, makes me so happy.I use to hate cleaning houses, but stuck with it for so long just to see peoples house.

17. I don't have a funny bone. I like Carlos Mencia and the blue collar guys, but besides that nope. Most comedy films are more stupid than funny.

18. I love movies. Nothing is more romantic than a picnic in the living room while watching a movie.

19. I wish I could write my parents off my life. I really do, but unfortunately I cant and one of the main reasons I love the military is that I had to live far away from them.

20. If I could, I would pack up our bags and move to either Switzerland or Italy forever in a heartbeat. Never been but would love to live there.

21. I love toes. I think most feet are pretty.

22. I will shop at the most expensive store/goodwill/ and even pick up trash. I just spent a fortune on sheets at Nordstrom because I think they are necessary in order to have a good night sleep, picked up a brand new office chair that I saw on the trash, and got a bookcase from goodwill. Depending on what it is, I will either splurge or be extremely thrifty.

23. Growing up in a third world country, I went with out a lot. I absolutely cant throw away food. No matter what. I will give it to the birds before I throw it away and I look down on people that just waste food without a care.

24.I love tv shows and have no guilt spending hours watching reruns of my favorites.

25. I speak 3 languages, have over 20 stiches,rips, tears, 14 broken bones, and 6 staples, but its me and slowly I am learning to love all of me. Imperfections and all. That doesn't mean I don't want a tummy tuck ;)

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Our Traveling Circus said...

I like your list! I love seeing how others decorate too. I can definitely relate to your #14, except, sadly, I feel that way when I get my People magazine on Fridays!!