Thursday, September 30, 2010

I puffy heart love this thing...

I absolutetly cant believe I havent yet talked about my favorite purchase this year.
I love my iphone. Before I use to be like I just want a phone that I can make calls, is kid proof, and I can text message. Well all that changed. When I was up for an upgrade, I decided not to get an iphone because I heard things like its extremelly sensitive to water (and since I keep it at the top strap of my bra to keep it away from the kids), your face will mess up things while you are on the phone (I got fat cheecks what can I say), and since its extremelly sensitive to kids, I decided not to get one. I mean I broke phones left and right no way I was going to spend all this money on this stupid thing. I ended up with a little pathetic pink phone. 3 wks later I dropped it in the tub, ended up buying another crappy one from craigslist, started seeing the commercials for iphones, my best friend got a touch and told me all the cool things about it. My love started growing. I patiently waited 11 months but right around my birthday I was up for an upgrade and voila. I made my best purchase yet. I love this thing. I did get an otterbox. That solved the problem of water sensitivity and of me dropping it. Also its not as sensitive to my fat cheeck. While I am on the phone, it usually locks so my face doesnt mess anything. IF you are thinking about getting one, I highly reccomend it.
So, since I love seeing how people set up their houses and everything else, I decided to show you mine in hopes that you will show me yours ;)


Page number 1. Basic of every iphone except for the 2 weather icons because I am a weather junkie. One of them I open it up and at my fingertips can tell what is the weather here, where dh is and back home. Also the world clock is different. Good for someone that is in a different time zone as you and not an easy one. Like dh is 8hrs and about 25 minutes ahead of me. Not so easy to calculate on my head. Also the different one is WTF. It stands for "What the fact" weird facts about everything. Knowing a goldfish's attention span is 3 seconds, makes me feel smarter ;)

Page 2
1. Emoji. All those different emoticons. Why doesnt blogs have them??
2.Touchncolor...that has pictures and ds can color. Why its not on the last page with his junk is beyond me.
3.USAA--got to know at all times how much money we got
4.Bump--share info with other cool iphone users
5.Shazam--I never know the name of a song. So much easier than google.
6.mywireless--got to make sure I always pay my bill so I never loose this cool phone
7.countries--just an ap that shows the world map, its flag, currencies, and have little quizes. Just the other day I went to check because I had a brain fart and while watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" I couldnt for the life of me remember where Armenia is.
8.FML--just the coolest ap ever to make me feel better about my life
9.Amazon kindle--I havent made the plunge yet and decided to go to ebooks so got this to try it out. I love that I can read a sample and decide if I like a book. Just read my first book on my phone last week. Pretty cool
10.Dictionary-- need to know how something is spelt or the meaning
11.CBS news--I am a news junkie what can I say
12. Local news
14. Flashlight--I am scared of the
15.Epic fail--just absolutetly hillarious pictures
16. google---Always comes in hand

Page 3

1. Red laser-- just a cool ap to find cheaper prices. You use your phone scan a price of something you want to buy, and this thing directs you to the store with the cheaper price.
2.Ymessenger--how dh and I communicate
3.Facebook--got to know what my peeps are up to
4. Skype--how dh and I use to communicate and how we still do if its not being stupid
5.Words with friends--scrabble that you can play with other iphone users. Love this ap. Always got at least 10 games going on.
6.Angry birds---My favorite game ever.I almost got all 3 stars on all levels :)
7. Angry birds lite--- the free version
8.Toobz--its a really neat game that you got to connect these pipes before the water seeps out
9.Sheep launcher--dh got this one. Kind of stupid but you send sheeps into space
10.Sharks--dh also got this one. You control the shark and make him feed and etc. When he eats people blood is everywhere kind of gory
11.NFS--need for speed. Another one of dh's game that ds loves
12.Bile stories--Want to know Abrahams story?? Or moses?? That is the ap for you
13.Holy bible-- the whole bible
14--Earthquake--because I am a big nerd and love to know about all the earthquakes everywhere
15&16 Horoscopes-- just 2 of many

Page 4

1. Doodle Jump-- pretty cool little game that I suck. You got to make sure this little dude jumps on bricks before he falls and you die
2.Chicks-- I didnt know how to play this until dh had to help me. He said its like "Lemings (SP)" you got to help all these chickens get to a door and you do that by giving them parachutes, or floaties and building stairs.
3.Horoscope-- what is this number 3?? I got a problem
4. Sling cowboy-- You shoot cows with a sling and it makes some cool redneck sounds. Love it
5. Hoggy-- Another amazing game. You got to solve these little puzzles to help this blob find his wife
6. Stocks---another iphone stocked app you cant delete
7. Horoscopes--another one?? Issues
8. Mr giggles-- Just got it dont know how to play yet.
9.Hangman---oldie but still a good one
10. tv guide--cant miss my tv shows
11. Bubble popper---stress reducer/kid entertainer
12. battery doctor--I use this phone so much by 1pm my battery is dead. Got this to help a bit. Now I last until 2pm before I am completetly
13. Parking lot--Awesome awesome game. You got to move these cars to help the red car get out. Extremelly frustrating but fun. Its a free app until level 47 then you got to pay to get more levels. I got 2 levels I cant get so I wont pay until I finish those 2.

Page 5

DS's page

These are all games to keep ds entertained. Most of them are counting, letter sounding, puzzles, memory, shapes, zoo sounds. All educational ones.
Binky is a book that reads to him and he loves it. Noahs ark is the story of Noah. He loves that and is always asking me to read it to him and the last one is Monster Tn not educational at all but I figured he is entitled to one brain mush game

So that is my iphone. I love it and reccomend it to anyone :)

Love A

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