Monday, September 13, 2010

I wasnt expecting that

You know before hubby left the Army, I expected a lot of things, majority of what happened I didnt expect it and kind of hit me hard but I wasnt so shocked because deep down, I kind of did prepare for it, just didnt want to admit.

But anyways husband left the Army in january, and ever since august, he has been a civillian contractor. This new chapter in our lives is very exciting. The money rocks, so does the benifits, we are in control of our lives, he is a lot safer not having to go outside of the wire, we talk at least 3 times a day. List goes on and on. Not saying its better than the Army. I miss base housing, all that it provided for us, our friends, the adventures and so forth. So its better in some ways different in others. Its where our lives is right now and I am extremelly happy.

What I didnt expect was the dirty looks I would get from people when they find out husband is not military anymore and is actually a civillian contractor. Asides from our friends, everyone got a stupid comment and its usually mean.
People end up finding out he is overseas by accident.The lady at the post office stamping the 10 custom forms with the apo address, the rental company, random people ds informs "daddy is working on santa's truck" so therefore I have to explain.

People take it badly. He was military, he did his service, what he is doing right now is not illegal, not taking anything from our forces, he is actually saving lives (majority of the trucks he is fixing is the ones they use to roll out, having a truck break down in the middle of the dessert with insurgents and ieds all around is not something you want to happen). So just like every soldier, every clerck, or fridays worker that are over there, they are helping alonside our soldiers to not only make their lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. The fact that most of the world doesnt understand that saddens me a lot :(

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