Monday, September 27, 2010


Hear me pain. It started friday night with my parents and friends helping me move. Their idea?? Take every single box from the truck and pile into my living room. While dealing with 2 kids over the weekend, I have completetly unpacked us, gone up and down these stairs 2000383884 times, cussed getting a place with stairs more times than I can count, spent tons at target on stuff I was sure I had (where did my kitchen rug went is beyond me???), made millions of trips to the dumpster, a couple more to goodwill, but finally is all done. I did it. I am in extreme pain, everything hurts, I am dreaming about paying someone the next time we move, my foot is cut, I still need to spend more money on shit we had for sure but have no clue where it went, I have tons of laundry to do and my closet to put back together,
but its our place and I love it. Made it all worth while, but I never want to do this again.

These boxes will go and everything will be beautiful until the next time ;)

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