Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~~Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~~

4 yrs ago you came into our lives,
turned our world upside down,
I became that mom I said I was never going to be,
I made tons of mistakes,
cried so much,
laughed even more,
I have had since then my best and worst moments,
I learned how much my heart could love,
I learned patience,
I learned what not to do,
I learned to just stop and enjoy moment.
Your laugh is contagious,
You got the most adorable cheecks.
You are extremelly smart, caring and stubborn,
a nice mix between daddy and I.
You are an amazing big brother,
always willing to give a hand when needed,
None of my days are ever the same or boring,
You keep me on my toes,
You push my limits,
You push me further.
You are turning into a fine young man.
I gave birth to you,
but that is it.
You have given me so much more,
Thank you for coming into our lives,
You trully are a gift from God.


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