Monday, October 18, 2010

8 yrs ago...

we walked down the aisle. Or should I say corridor at the courthouse?? lol.

We had just gotten back together after being broken up for a month, already living together for over 1 yr, and he said we either do this for real or we are done. I dont want to play games anymore and I dont want to loose you again. SO I say okay just tell me the date. He pulled a calendar out, called his mom to when she was going to be in town (3 wks from that date) pointed to a saturday and say this is when we are getting married. I thought great. I wanted to elope and get married by Elvis in Vegas. My parents, upon hearing those vile words coming from their only childs mouth, threw a hissy fit. I told him okay no eloping but nothing huge. 3 weeks is the date. Well Saturday October 18 came along, I had just found my dress 3 days before, we got married at the courthouse and had a reception at a park at the beach. I got to give it to my parents, they did everything, it was beautiful decorated, all the food everything in 3 wks. I have never seen anyone pull off a wedding like that that quickly. I didnt get my Elvis wedding, but as soon as we make to Vegas, we will find an Elvis to renew our vows ;)

We had an amazing time with friends and family. We also banked, so could really have a fun honeymoon instead of just the 2 night hotel stay we had planned and could afford..being poor sucks!

In 8 yrs there has been many lows, many more highs, loads of tears, lots of laughter and fun. I wouldnt trade it for the world. I love him with all my heart. He has slayed my dragons over and over and marrying him was the best decision ever.

Today he is thousands of miles away, but still sent me edible arrangments (my favorite), an amazing card, and a couple of other gifts. I spent the afternoon eating fruit shapped flowers with my 2 kids, telling them all the mushy stuff. Deep down they loved it :)

Te amo boo.

GIve me daps..8 down, 42 to go then we will reevaluate ;)

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Our Traveling Circus said...

Happy Anniversary! I know an Elvis impersonator here in Argentina...