Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Its that season again..

Latetlly I been on a funk. I dont know why but I just dont feel like doing anything. This deployment is kicking my arse. Anyways on Sunday morning, I decided to try to shake this funk, in a attempt to find something to do with the kids, I stumble upon a pumpkin patch not that far away from us. A couple phone calls and I recruit our friends and their 3 kids to go with us. We show at about noon and omg! half of S florida is at this place. It was kind of hard to get into the spirit since it was 85 degrees, I was sweating and the kids had on shorts, sandals and sundress, but hey this is S . We did the hayride, skipped the face painting (mile long line), had some ice cream, picked a pumpkin, took loads of pictures, and just had a really good day. After that we decided to have a very late lunch at a local bbq place. It was very delicious and a good day overall.

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