Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let the celebration begin...

Halloween marks the beggining of holiday season. The kids were both pirates this year. Ds had a party at school on friday, dd threw a fit so she also wore her costume on friday while running errands with me.
On saturday we went downtown to the Ave to get candy and see the parade. Downtown ave is 2 lanes of traffic each going one way filled with little shops, outdoor cafes, some cool clubs, restaurants, kilwin's, the most delicious cupcakes ever, art store, and so forth. Its about 2 miles of it that ends on the beach. We love going down there, there is always people browsing, walking their dogs, shopping, just a fun area to be with a great vibe, I could do away with the thugs that drive by with their cool convertible tops down blasting the latest rap, but it cant all be perefect ;) . During Christmas they light up this humungous tree and also have a parade. For halloween all the kids could go up and down the ave and get candy from the stores. No one really needs anymore candy, but its just for the experience.

We were supossed to have a cold front that didnt show up. Its a nice 89 degrees. Toasty!!. Anyways parents should have some common sense when buying their halloween costume. After hours of walking, you could see some little kids soo red and about to pass out from heat exhaustion. I cant imagine how they felt walking on almost 90degree weather with a big bear suit. Broke my heart for them :(

But we had a good day. My friend her mom and 3 kids showed up, so did my parents. The extra hands helped a ton.

Tomorrow we are supossed to go trick or treating with my friend, but they already got so much candy I think I might bypass it. We will see :)

*pS my camera is still not here ..urgghgh so I only have the pictures of them trying out their outfits from before. Its actually good you see this one. Their outfits are already dirty with leftover cupcake and lots of sticky candy ;)

*ps ps: Dont even ask. Nope I didnt dress up, I havent dressed up since I was 13 and dont plan on starting again ;)

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