Friday, October 15, 2010

She lived a good life...

and that brings me comfort.

Today I lost my grandmother/godmother. She was a wonderful amazing woman, who died in her sleep at 86 yrs old, after meeting her great grandchildren. That is the best way to go. No suffering after living a good life.

When my grandparents got divorced, my mom and uncle went to live with my grandfather and his new wife who was a witch. After suffering abuse in the stepmothers hand, they ran away to their aunts house. She took them in and took care of them and raised them. My mother today has more consideration for her than her own mother. She became my godmother whom I also adored.
She got married very young, only had a 3rd grade education. After her son was born, she went back to school, finished middle school, high school and got a teaching degree. While doing that she gave birth to her 2 daughters and adopted 6 more girls. She was a wonderful teacher who took amazing good care of her students. She even ended up having 4 more girls come in and live with her for a period of time while their home situation wasnt good.
Her husband started heavily drinking, but she stuck by him, and after 38 yrs of marriage, he passed away. She dedicated her life to traveling and helping people. She was an amazing woman who will forever be missed.
I am forever greatful you got to meet Tyler you first great grandchild and I am sorry you didnt get to meet Juliet. She would have loved you, but I know now you have the best view in seeing them growing up. and that brings me comfort

What funny is in Brasil, today is a major holiday, its teachers day :)

Eu te amo vovo

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