Saturday, January 1, 2011


What else does the whole think as that clock strikes midnight and its the beginning of the new year?? Resolutions of course. Everyone is making them left and right trying to improve their body, minds and soul for the new year. New years brings hope that this year we will finally achieve what we want, be who we are, no doubts about it.

I have made countless resolutions through out the years and by January 15th most of them have been broken. I expect too much, am too hard on myself, I am truly my worst critic. No more. This year I am taking it slow, if it means I fall so be it, I pick myself off dust myself off, and keep on going.

My 2 main one this year is the same as years past. I need to kick this smoking habit and loose some weight.

I just lost 15 lbs and feel wonderful, I want to keep at it. No I probably wont be a size 8 by the end of this year, that is okay. Another 30 lbs will be a success.

I also need to quit smoking. I am destroying my body, its not necessary. Its a nasty habit. So many times we said we would, so many patches were brought, so many tears were shed and the longest we lasted was 2 wks in July. We survived the worst of it and then went back to it. Seriously?? Pathetic.

So this year I decided to not look back and let my past cloud my present and future. Yeah I failed millions of times before, but that doesnt mean I wont ever succeed it just means I need to keep trying harder.

So today is January 2 yesterday I smoked 5 cigs, and today 3. That to me is a great thing. From a pack a day to down to 5 a day is success not failure. If I can keep this up of 5 a day for the next couple days then I can drop to 4,3,2,1 and then finally be smoke free. I truly hope so. I think this year I will succeed because I am doing it slowly. Every other year I would have kicked myself down and felt like an idiot and then went back to smoking. Well that was idiotic. Not this time. Slowly I will win the race.

In terms of weight loss its one hour at a time, eat time I take a bite I am trying to make better decisions. Monday will bring gym time again. I need to drag myself there everyday. I know if I make it through the doors, I will get in a good workout, all I have to do is make it.

I of course have other resolutions and things I am hopeful for, but these are the main ones that I need to do it.

So as you all embark in yours, I wish you the best of luck. It cant be easy.

Love A

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