Monday, January 3, 2011

Books, Books & more Books.

At the beginning of 2010 I said I was going to read 100 books before the end of the year. I didnt make it to 100. I fell a little bit short. Anyways here is all the books I read in 2010. I am not going to post all of my opnions or reviews about them but I am going to reccomend a couple.

Today right now you need to go out and read : "Redeeming Love" , "The Help", "The red tent" and "The Christmas List".

Those are necessary for your life. They will enrich your life in so many ways. After you finish reading them you will thank me for recommended such amazing books.

So here they are in all their glory :

1-Stiff: the curious life of human cadavers
2. Just Breath
3. Dead until dark
4. Good luck
5. The Christmas list
6. Undead and Unwed
7. not easily broken
8. Marked House of night book 1.
9. Big girls (woman in jail killing kids)
10. Love the one you are with
11. Pieces of my sisters life
12. House of night book 2
13. Nearly weds
14. The first part last
15. Rachel's holiday
16. House of night book 3
17. the perks of being wallflower
18. The truth about forever
19. Nobody but this baby of mine
20. This love of mine
21. If I am missing or dead
22. Flower's in the attic
23: Petals on the wind
24. Being Committed
25. House of night book 4
26. You suck
27. Queen of babble gets hitched
28. thirteen reasons why
29. stori telling
30 godmother.
31 the last song
32. Still Missing
33. House of Night book 5
34. House of Night 6
35. House of night 7
36; Redeeming Love
37: How to be lost
38. Big girls
39. The red tent
40. Before I fall
41. Someone like you
42. Best friends forever
43. 29 a Novel
44. The help

This year I have big plans in terms of reading. I just got one of these bad boys :

so the possibility are endless considering kindles have just started book lending and all my friends have one. Chicken bow wow. So I wont make any plans to read 100 this year, I wish I had the time, but I will definitely be reading a lot :)


Our Traveling Circus said...

I LOVED "The Red Tent". Loved it to the point of multiple readings.
"The Help" was just exceptional too. I just read that "The Help" is going to be a movie too.

Have you read "Life of Pi" yet? It's another great read!

I love talking books, so keep me in the loop on your next one!

Ally said...

Oh yeah I love talking books too :)

"Life of Pi" and "A prayer for Owen Meany" is on my list for this year since so many people have raved about it.

Let me know what else you are reading too.
By the way I was totally worried about you and the earthquake. I even posted on OHO but dont know what happened to the post. I am glad you are okay :)

Ally said...

ps. I saw that they are making a movie. I am so excited about it and I am even more excited about "Water for Elephants" being made into a movie. Have you read that?? Awesome book too :)