Friday, January 7, 2011

It wasnt me...

I promise it wasnt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes yesterday my son threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen in my life when I picked him up from school. This episode was horrible. I went to pick him up the teacher had a bag of lollipops, she wouldnt give him one because he didnt listen good. No treat. Fine by me and usually its fine by him, but not yesterday. OMG he threw himself on the ground, kicked and screamed like he done lost his mind. I had to drag him out of school under the stares of the ever so perfect judgmental moms. I was so embarrassed. It was horrible and something I am still shaking about it on the inside.

After numerous threats, lots of privileges taken away, he got sent to school again today with specific instructions to never ever do that again. Well halfway through the day I get a call. That number is programed in my phone, as soon as it pops up in the caller id I sit down expecting the worse.

Well it wasnt too bad. He was playing tripped and tasted a bookcase. His teeth were checked and were okay but he got a pretty nasty fat lip. Not a problem. I picked him up and made sure this time I kept the accident report. Usually its tossed. He is a boy, he will get hurt, not a biggie but because of the episode the day before, I wanted to make sure I kept it just to prove: "It wasnt me..." ;)

So yeahh, I am spent. I am tired, exhausted, school starts next week, and the elastic on my big girl panties broke from pulling them up so much. I want to lock myself in a closet with a bottle of rum garnished with some xanax and watch the pink ponies fly by. If I am at this stage that can only mean one thing.....R&R is close :)

Not as close as I would like to say but its around the corner. I can feel the anticipation starting to creep up, but I can also feel my patience starting to slip. Its normal and it happens, so for the next couple days if I am extremely whiney and bitchy, please excuse me. I have hit a rut and will have to somehow mend those elastic so I can once again pull up my big girl panties and survive the next 2 months with grace instead of a blubbering mess on the floor.

Love A

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