Monday, January 10, 2011

I miss him oh so much...

I miss my husband, not because I am needy, I am, not because I am dependant, I am, but because he makes life better.

There are many reasons why I miss him..

*Someone to give me kisses and hugs just because
* Someone to act as my personal heater
*Someone to help me reign in the children
*Someone to take out the garbage
*Someone to change the oil
*Someone to do the tango with while cooking dinner (what?? Not every couple does that??)
*Someone to talk to, bitch to, vent to, laugh with
*Someone to eat my spinach casserole even though it tastes like ass
*Someone to tell me to slow down(even though his foot is 10 times heavier than mine)
*Someone to move around furniture for the 5th time in a month without complaint *maybe a little grunt*
*Someone to call silly nicknames....creamy puffy sugar daddy anyone??

etc, etc, and etc.

There are many reasons I miss him, but the one I miss the most today is his nerdiness (is that not a word?? Oh well I consider it one. Nerdiness aka a big nerd ;) ). Just look at this picture :

(Yes I realize this is not the best shot of him in order to portray his high level of nerd, but play along)

He is a nerd. Not the play WofW, read comic books, split atoms in his spare time kind of nerd. Noooo!!!! He has earned the title of nerd because of the easiness he has when it comes to computer or anything computer related. (yes maybe he doesnt know crap about computers (he says it all the time. He is very modest) but compared to me I think he is a computer guru. Haven't you ever heard the saying "On the island of blind man, a one eye man is king"??) but that is not here or there.

Not only can he download every single movie, audiobook or song for free, he knows how to convert the files back and forth and throw them in his i touch with one eye closed.

Sitting here spending hrs trying to transfer books into my kindle and debating on paying $29 for a podcast of the latest book I want because I am sick and tired of listening to Limp Biskit while pounding the pavement aka treadmill, I once again for the millionth time today miss my nerd.

Love A

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