Saturday, January 15, 2011

"D" day...

There are many pros to being an adult. Ice cream for dinner 3 nights a week?? Dont mind if I do.

Copious amount of coffee?? Check twice

Buying that cool shinny toy for absolute no other purpose than entertainment?? Oh yeahh

Doing adult things and actually making appointments that are good for your health?? uhh why did someone had to rain on my parade? barf!!!!

Well after 7 months without insurance and then acquiring a kick arse one, it was time to do the adult thing and stop the procrastination. I went to the doctor got blood work, I ordered new glasses, I went to the gyno and got a pap. All healthy and then , just then, the procrastination started. I made myself excuses, I brushed 7 times a day, I read, I slept, I did everything I could to not go. Finally I couldnt take anymore.
Everytime I ate my beloved ice cream there was pain. As much as I tried to ignore it just wasnt happening.

So after making an appt for 2 wks away. Hey any last chance I can procrastinate even more, thursday was D day. Or Dentist day.

I dont have a phobia about dentists, but at the same time I dont rush to go. It comes from my 13 yr old self and smart idea to watch every horror movie ever made. Even the C rated ones. Yep a couple of them were about dentist trips. Now, years later even though I am not afraid per say of shower curtains, I am not afraid of dentist. I just dont care to go.

Well everything went okay. Nothing crazy happened, no one pulled a saw machine and I am typing this from the otherworld, she didnt slip while cleaning, nothing like that. She did a great job, my mouth feel cleaner, I now have xrays and I was ready to pronounce this a success, until she started telling me my next step.

Oh no this visit wasnt going to be the end of it all. No!! Karma is still getting me for something. I am going to need 2 fillings and a trip to the orthodontist soon to pull out a baby tooth (Yep I got one, if that doesnt prove my level of maturity, I dont know what will ;) ) , and have a metal piece in my mouth with a chain attached to the tooth in my head, because he is crooked and wont come down on his own.

I almost bust out in tears. Yep I guess no more procrastination, I guess a couple more dental appointments are in my future. I can foresee lots of pain, cuss words and after this is taken care of years more of procrastination.

So, you might wonder how I dealt with the news, well I did the only mature thing I knew how to do. I ate ice cream for dinner, and whined to the only person that would listen to me. What are husbands for??

Love A

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