Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Awkward family photos ..

On of my absolutely favorite websites is Awkward family photos. Here is the link in case you havent been fortunate enough to find this gem on your own: http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com

I have spent hours and hours just browsing, laughing and just shaking my head. Any kind of glimpse into other peoples life and I am all for it. Hence why I love love blogs, pictures of peoples home, children, pets and etc. I love to see how everyone else lives, even if they still keep yucky plastic covers on their couches to protect them...*shakes head*

So, today I snapped a picture of the kids because its been a couple days since I have sent a picture to the hubby and God forbid I go 3 days without sending him a picture, he will whine and complain more than that crazy neurotic aunt everyone has that is always asking for picture.

Well I told the kids "Tyler hug your sister" because I wanted to show hubby her new skirt and get his approval (Oh yeah he is one of those overprotective fathers who wont let her wear a 2 piece, belly shirt or short skirt). When he was home, he was even complaining about some short shorts. If it were for him, she would wear a parka 24/7. His excuse is that he still remembers what went through his mind when he was a kid and saw a cute girl in short shorts. He forgets she is 2 not 13. Yep I know, it will only get worse from now on..lol.

But anyways, this is how the picture came out..

No, it wont win most awkward photo of the year, but its a close call

Love A

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