Sunday, April 17, 2011

Barely hanging on....

This weekend had no prospects of turning into a good weekend. By friday I had noticed I lost my partial. After tearing my whole house apart and still not finding it, I was in a piss mood. Have I mentioned how much I dislike looking for something??

Friday night I decided to put on a happy face and just enjoy my weekend. A couple of weeks ago after pulling their pool out of storage, and filling it up, I noticed that the 2 yrs it was in storage, they had completely outgrown their pool.

Exhibit A

So I went to Walmart and purchased a brand new one. During the week we were so busy running around, I promised Tyler Saturday I would fill it up for them. Saturday seems like a long long time when you are 4. After counting the day every day and reassuring him for the millionth time that Monday, Wed and Friday were not Saturday and that Saturday had not come and gone while he was sleeping, Saturday finally arrived. Bright and early he woke me up at 5:30 and asked me to fill up the pool. After handing him my phone and begging for 10 more minutes, I rolled out of bed at 7 and after breakfast, went outside to fill up their bright shinny new pool. I look up at the sky and gloom is staring back at me. Oh no!!!

I bribed them and told them to wait 1 hr to see if the sun would come out. Not even 20 minutes later, there is a huge thunderstorm brewing. By this time I am starting to worry. Have you ever been inside a house with 2 kids who think they are going to get to play in a pool they been waiting for 7 whole days?? They act like daemons. No other way to describe it.

It rained and rained and rained. The harder it rained, the more cabin fever they got. No amount of movies, play dough, coloring or legos could make them happy. By 3pm I was loosing my mind and it was still pouring. At this point I may or may not have had a pity party.

By 3:30 pm, I may or may not have had a glass of wine.I was on the edge and falling fast. All my plans of them playing in the pool while I lounge by and read my book were shot by mother nature. Oh the unfairness of having a whole week of sunshine and horrible thunderstorms on Saturday. Mother nature is a woman. She know how kids act while couped up inside.

After my glass of wine and reorganizing my frazzled mind, I had a bright idea. To the tub with a bottle of bubbles they went. Oh peace and quiet for a good 40 minutes. Instead of lounging in the sun with my book, I was sitting on the toilet basking in fluorescent light,keeping an eye on them.Huge mess in the bathroom to clean, but hey small price to pay.

After coming out of the water completely pruned up, they were happy and calm and my sweet normal children again. We baked and watched movies and just had a good ol time. Parenting win ;)

On sunday, I had no hopes for sunshine and you know what?? Sunshine greeted me at 8 am. It was a beautiful hot muggy day. Perfect for pool day. I filled it up and they had a blast.

My book was a crappy one, but the children played and played and wore themselves out. Heaven.

One more week down. I have survived another week. Barely hanging on by a thread but I did.

Hey no one said survival was calm cool collected and classy at the time ;)

Love A

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sanctimomious said...

You're doing awesome. Next time, just let them go out in the rain. They're wet already and they'll have more fun!

One more week down..... xxxx